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  • Princeland Watch Limestone Coast Shiraz 2021


    Princeland was the name given by disgruntled pastoralists in the 1880s clustered both sides of the Victorian-South Australia for a new State. This Shiraz is a blend of wines collected from this vast region and the in-puts are all A grade. The 2021 vintage reds rate 10/10.

  • Bagot Station Barossa Valley Shiraz Cabernet 2023


    Drink this vintage sooner not later as the extraordinary aroma is its great joy.

  • Bagot Station Barossa Valley Shiraz 2023

    Original price was: $11.40.Current price is: $9.70.

    Young reds from the right vintages without hard extract are magnificent. This Bagot reminds me of those deeply coloured and powerful Moulin a Vent-Beaujolais, I imported in the 1970s. Deep in colour, one glass led to another, as did the bottles. How can wine be so pleasant. This vintage produced wines with a pronounced aroma and the winemaker has highlighted this with a light touch in the winery-such as no pressings added back. A must buy though will not evolve into a Karrawirra.

  • Crayford Barossa Valley Grenache 2023


    The 2023 vintage intrigued us as early on we noted the amazing fruit aromas. Best drink young was one thought and for this Grenache that remains my advice as I find it extraordinary. Treat this like a big, sappy young red. Just gorgeous.

  • Crayford Barossa Valley Shiraz Durif 2022


    What varieties can be used to make wines that create a taste that carries the global badge ‘made in Australia’. Shiraz for sure as it takes on another dimension in our warm regions. Of the many hundreds of other varieties it is work in motion though a Glug favourite for stardom is Durif.

  • BVWS Barossa Valley Wine Supply Industrial Strength Barossa Valley Durif 2020


    The wines we like to sell have been frowned upon by the Australian wine elite for 50 years. This wine is not about delicacy and finesse which is about searching for flavour and comes from the other side of the ledger, the black side where flavour is everything. Pushes 16% alcohol. Very much a Glug style of red.

  • Salem Valley Barossa Shiraz 2022


    Huge in flavour, very much our style, and supports our view that drinkers will find great enjoyment in discovering younger is better. Though being Barossa it will not fall apart for at least 20 years.

  • Old Moppa Road Barossa Valley Durif 2020


    Deep in colour with great power describes the style Glug likes. Why the genes of the warm climate loving Shiraz when crossed with those of the high altitude, cool climate Peloursin produce the perfect variety for Australia, Durif, I do not understand. Instead of a mid-way point we have a supercharged Shiraz. Wonderful wine and the aroma will tell you what to expect.

  • Crayford Barossa Valley Grenache Shiraz Mataro 2023


    Shiraz forms the stable known base. Grenache has alcoholic strength but less palate taste and brings to the blend beguiling aromas and a different palate impression to Shiraz. Yet what are these two without Mataro which maintains order by rearranging both and providing a strength of character particularly on the back palate. Still the genius of this wine remains the Grenache.

  • Glug ‘The Regions’ Barossa Valley Shiraz 2021

    Original price was: $14.50.Current price is: $12.30.

    We all have palate memories being the odd bottles which were ‘stand outs’. Many will coincide with an abnormally favourable vintage. The great Barossa red moment is with the 1996s. Still youthful even today. Just maybe the 2021 vintage will duplicate this. Even if it does not this vintage is the best for you now.

  • Glug ‘The Regions’ Clare Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2021

    Original price was: $14.80.Current price is: $12.50.

    One our best ever purchases came late last year which I termed ‘the five star winery haul’ and that is the source of this beautiful Clare Valley Cabernet-a five star winery. As for the source, well our lips are sealed.

  • The Top 12 Glug Tasters Event March 2024 Mixed Dozen


    The Glug tasting days are big events for South Australian customers. Many have been following Glug for ten or more years and know our wines and of course they are experienced tasters. Most can visit the pick of 200 cellar doors in a day’s outing. Thus, their opinions which are expressed in what they buy are valuable for our interstate customers.

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