• Terrene Estates South Australia Rosé 2022


    As I preach it is what is in the glass that counts and the 2022 vintage is a fabulous buy. This vintage is labelled as Terrene a medieval English term which is a bit like the French term terroir. As for the wine, well it tastes good and is a result of blending several regions so we decided to call it South Australia.

  • Knotts Barossa Valley Rose 2023


    Reward yourself by introducing this mixed varietal blend to your table.

  • Old Moppa Road Barossa Valley Rose 2022


    So what happens if we gently press Grenache and Mataro and bleed off the free run juice with minimal colour, to make our Rose. Pale tint of red going tawny at the edge of the glass, and we get to see what the grape flavours are without tannins and oak maturation.

  • Kitts Creek Barossa Valley Rosé 2022


    Bringing back those glorious Kaiser Stuhl Barossa Roses of the 1960s.

  • Kitts Creek Barossa Valley Grenache Mataro Rosé 2023


    Not those cool climate versions made from whites that are then given a hint of pink from a bucket of Shiraz. No as I’m talking about grapes in the Barossa Valley, picked a bit earlier than for a red, for the single purpose of making a Rosé.

  • Harem ‘Rosita’ Barossa Valley Rosé (Grenache Mataro) 2022


    About this Rosé I said, ‘Forget the insinuation of the pale delicate rusty pink colour, as this is simply very great wine which is fruity, bone dry, bitter-sweet and offers challenges’. Insinuation meaning – because it’s a rosé do not expect a simple, quaffing, sweet style. This comment applies to the remarkable Rosita 2022 which will develop for many years.

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