Tiny Little Tanks Arrive

For years I’ve been sitting on couple of 9000 litre stainless steel tanks. They came in handy when we used to make wine for a hotel group but that was a lifetime ago. Way too big for what we do now.

To put that into some scale… there are 9 litres in a dozen bottles. So each of these tanks holds 1000 cases worth of wine. That’s a lot, even for a very large liquor store!

So the tanks got sold to my mate Jimmy Lienert who runs a large winery. And we have reinvested in these tiny little tanks.

600 litres each is perfect for preserving the little parcels of wine we buy and make. 600L = 2 hogshead barrels.

Keeping the tanks full, ‘off ullage’, is essential. So no oxygen gets at the wine. Oxygen being the great destroyer of almost everything. The small tanks allow us to keep all the wines separate instead of ‘blending for convenience’.

A small step forward but I hope illustrates our commitment to making tiny little specialized batches of wine for you in these tiny little tanks.

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