Some research into the early release of 2021s

I hope you’re going to like this – a new vision of the wonderful Perfect Press made from Shiraz and Cabernet.

We are looking at some 2021 releases here and some of our wines that are contenders.

Pitfalls of releasing young wines is they can be too aggressive (hard to get through a glass) or too simple (bored after a glass).

We have the Cabernet sorted – a tiny bit of tempranillo lifts and smooths the palate. The Shiraz is a work in progress but I know we can get it to where we need it to be.

The Kalleske ‘Zeitgeist’ Barossa Valley Shiraz 2021 at the end with the blue label is pretty darn good. We have set it as a benchmark, one I expect to hit. Worth a squiz if you get the chance.

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