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Penfolds Bin 389 now with a corny cheap gimmick

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A corny cheap gimmick now used to sell Penfolds Bin 389. A limited-edition Rocket Gift Box tries to give value to a $100 wine. Has madness landed on the company’s marketing team?

Look and listen and judge the message for yourself.

And consider these words of wisdom in an email to customers urging them to VENTURE BEYOND:

Not much to do with the wine in that lot. Penfolds Bin 389 deserves better than that twaddle.

I prefer the Penfolds website description which does not have the hype.

“Bin 389 was often referred to as ‘Baby Grange’, in part because components of the wine are matured in the same barrels that held the previous vintage of Grange. First made in 1960 by the legendary Max Schubert, this was the wine that helped forge Penfolds reputation with red wine drinkers by combining the structure of cabernet sauvignon with the richness of shiraz. Exemplifying the judicious balance of fruit and oak, Bin 389 highlights the generous mid-palate Penfolds in known for.”

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