Knowing Your Mataro Brings Large Rewards

Mataro has been unloved since James Busby planted cuttings in N.S.W. in 1832. Yet Australian Mataro reds (or Mourvedre) from the warm regions of Australia are greater than the Spanish originals. The likely reason is the extra warmth of the continent has revealed hidden potential.

Until the 1970s Mataro was used to make fortified wines and red blends. Penfolds made a Bin 2 Shiraz Mataro from the 1960s though it never gained favour. They later revived Bin 2 for the U.K. market where Mataro is understood and later reintroduced it to the local market.

The Rolf Binder Contribution

The Barossa Valley boutique winery Veritas produced a Mataro Grenache blend called Bulls Blood in 1957. The fruit was from their bush vine block planted in 1892.

David Farmer, Kym Teusner sampling from the barrel and Rolf Binder in the Veritas winery
Much younger then – David Farmer (left) Kym Teusner sampling from the barrel (centre) and Rolf Binder (right) in the Veritas winery

Rolf Binder inherited the business and over many decades produced a range of breath-taking Mataro and Mataro Grenache blends. The RBJ Theologicum Barossa Valley Mourvedre Grenache 1994 revealed dimensions I had never before encountered. General recognition was not to be. Sales were poor By 2000 Rolf stopped making most of these individual creations.   

At least one small legacy continues. Binder’s achievements played a major role in influencing Glug to produce a portfolio of Mataro and Mataro Grenache blends.

There are now over 160 varieties planted across Australia’s range of climates with dozens winning consumer acceptance. So what is the problem with Mataro?

Frankly I do not know. Yet I am certain a great drinking pleasure awaits those customers that explore Barossa Valley Mataro.

Glug’s Barossa Valley Offerings

Glug began making Barossa Valley Mataro in 2006 initially blending this with Grenache as this combination makes gorgeous flavours. With later vintages the range of Mataro only wines has expanded. Recalling our mentor Rolf Binder’s sales experience the quantities produced are modest.

Currently Glug offers:

Bengalee Barossa Valley Mataro 2020

Kitts Creek Barossa Valley Mataro 2018

Stockwell Creek Barossa Valley Mataro 2018

Goat Square Barossa Valley Mataro 2019

Glug Magic Bullet Barossa Valley Mataro 2020

Harem Sultan Barossa Valley Mataro 2018

Four Barossa Winemakers Talking About Mataro

mataro grapes

Back in 2014 Glug sought the opinion of four Barossa winemakers who approach mataro with slightly different visions. All were driven by the same desire to prove that Barossa mataro is a remarkable variety deserving premium recognition. Your taste buds will profit by taking notice of them,

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