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Home Vintage 2020 Vine To Glass Barossa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2020
Delicious with Warmth and Flavour

Vine To Glass Barossa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2020


A quality Barossa Cabernet at a magical price. There is a bit of surplus premium Barossa red around, so we made a purchase and split the parcel into several parts. These days the boutique-small makers know what they are doing and this Cabernet being in the Glug style easily passed our buying parameters.

SKU: R033

The variety Cabernet Sauvignon drives the global wine business. It is not an ancient variety and popped up as a cross in the French region of Bordeaux a few centuries ago, lets say about 1750.

Bordeaux reds were enjoyed by the English aristocracy, termed Clarets, and the habit spread globally so the Port de Bordeaux became a hub for global shipping. As planting spread in new world countries Cabernet became the preferred variety though in the 1950s in South Australia not much was planted.

So, the swing to table wines at this time saw the use of Shiraz and the deficit of Cabernet was not filled till the 1980s. Magnificent Barossa Cabernets were made in the 1950s which showed us how exotic and interesting they were.

Still the Barossa became synonymous with Shiraz and Barossa Cabernet as the ‘go to wine’ did not develop. Interest has grown since 2010 and Glug is thankful that so many customers now enjoy Barossa Cabernet. Both great Barossa wine making pioneers Max Schubert and Colin Gramp will be pleased.

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