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Uniquely Australian Blend

Shearers Lament South Australia Shiraz Cabernet 2018

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The blend of Shiraz and Cabernet is uniquely Australian.

The blend dates to the 1940s and came about by necessity as drinkers were used to buying the dry red the English called Claret. Indeed, wine lists of C1900 show the red wine of choice was imported Claret blended for or by English wine merchants. Claret being the term for a basic Bordeaux red made around Cabernet but likely contained other varieties grown in that region but would not include Shiraz.

As little Cabernet was grown in Australia the need to improvise meant blending with Shiraz which was widely grown for its use in making Port wine, both vintage and tawny.

Times change and fortunately Shiraz makes a distinctive and great red wine and is now the most popular red variety in Australia and the variety with which Australia is identified overseas.

Combine Shiraz with Cabernet and the symbol of the Shearer and you have The Comb.

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