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Home Vintage 2021 Oakley Adams Eden Valley Chardonnay 2021
Rich in History But Forgotten by Customers

Oakley Adams Eden Valley Chardonnay 2021


Wines like this are stable and will keep though are really made for consumption within 18 months of purchase.

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They planted vines in the Eden Valley as long ago as 1847. Today there are about 2000 hectares of vines at altitudes varying from 200 metres to 600 metres. The district is noted for Riesling and the Henschke Company. This stardom has not spread far and these days the wines are a hard sell.
Barossa companies seeking a cooler region to ripen grapes expanded plantings from the 1980s but gave up trying to create Eden Valley brands. The competition from Yarra Valley to Margaret River made this all too hard. A pity as its day will return. Of course, being down on your luck appeals to Glug and over the last three vintages we have sourced some magnificent wines from Eden Valley.
Eden Valley is called cool climate and it is certainly cooler than the Barossa Valley. Though it is not cool ripening like Tasmania or New Zealand. Best to see this district as the eastern extension of the Barossa Valley. A high altitude, dry land, rugged plateau which makes wines unlike any other though having flavour they are much to our liking.

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