Eden Valley

An elevated dry land plateau adjoining the Barossa Valley to the east. Intense Shiraz and other red varieties with the elevation producing a shift in taste to the Barossa Valley. Recognition is also growing for Chardonnay and other white varieties. The star though is Shiraz.

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  • Glug Eden Valley Chardonnay 2021


    The Eden Valley is an extension of the Adelaide Hills to the east and is generally lower and drier. I would call it an upland dry plateau. The valley part of Eden Valley comes from the main drainage stream the North Para River which flows North and then turns west and flows down the Barossa Valley.

  • Glug Vine to Glass Eden Valley Shiraz 2022


    I have a simple view. Good wine will sell and since the Eden Valley lacks appeal that’s where the bargains will be found. Over the last three years Glug has made connections with several boutique Eden Valley wineries and now take any surplus they offer. This Glug Vine to Glass is a ‘one off’ being sourced from one of our connections. Customers will be rewarded.

  • Knotts Eden Valley Chardonnay 2021


    Glug likes this diversity. This topography extends into the western and southern part of the Eden Valley.

  • Knotts Eden Valley Nero D’Avola 2021


    Glug likes varieties which offer our customers a slight shift in taste. Even better is when a small winery has made more than can be sold allowing us to purchase at keen prices. Hence, after a taste we had no hesitation purchasing the few barrels of this delicious Nero D’Avola, surplus to this tiny winery

  • Mount Eagle Eden Valley Cabernet Syrah 2022


    The best way I can describe this Mount Eagle is to appreciate that the medium density, the result of the location, displays a range of flavours, perhaps fragrant, which tend to be masked in wines from the adjoining Barossa Valley.

  • Mount Eagle Eden Valley Chardonnay 2020


    To say Chardonnay is at its best only from an ultra-cool climate is to miss out on the endless variety wine offers so we thought the time was right to expand our winemaking into the Eden Valley.

  • Mount Eagle Eden Valley Montepulciano 2021


    Montepulciano is a southern Italian variety and the Eden Valley with a more Mediterranean climate than the Barossa is the best place to see how this variety performs in our southern climates.

  • Mount Eagle Eden Valley Pinot Gris 2022


    Pinot Gris is like an albino version of Pinot Noir with an appealing aroma, delicate palate and good length. It needs no barrel fermentation or barrel ageing or all the other wonderful winemaking tricks and seems best when treated just like a Riesling. Take the free run juice, ferment and bottle and when this is done correctly you will have in your hand a most appealing drink.

  • Mount Eagle Eden Valley Riesling 2022


    ‘You Australians don’t get Riesling’ I was once told by a New Zealand expert. The discussion was over a glass of Grosset Clare Valley Riesling and my response was to nod wisely and keep drinking. Naturally the Clare taste is different to the fragrant aromas and softness of those from New Zealand.

  • Mount Eagle Eden Valley Shiraz 2021


    Excellent Eden Valley Shiraz.

  • Mount Eagle Eden Valley Tempranillo 2021


    Tempranillo is one of the noble varieties of Spain and climatically is a useful addition to the palates of consumers.

  • Oakley Adams Eden Valley Chardonnay 2021


    Wines like this are stable and will keep though are really made for consumption within 18 months of purchase.

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