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Home Vintage 2020 Bengalee Barossa Valley Mataro 2020

Exceptional Vintage High Rating

Bengalee Barossa Valley Mataro 2020

SKU: R924

The warmer, dusty regions of Europe are the origin of Mataro though in a continent used to drinking coolish climate wines, Mataro at best only has a cult following.

Transporting Mataro to Australia with its far warmer climate was a good idea though, alas, the new arrivals did not drink wine. Times change and for Mataro likely came together in the Barossa Valley in 2020. This was the last of the drought year vintages, just perfect for a variety that takes forever to fully ripen. A climate that allows the skin to take on a deep purple colour and thicken while the grape pips appear almost overripe as they mature into a nut-brown colour.

The Barossa Valley will likely prove to be the ideal home for this intriguing variety which is perfect to blend into wines that need more character. Better though are the great vintages when it should stand alone and thus confirm the appeal to the growing band of fans that understand its nuances.

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