• Parawatta Eden Valley Pinot Gris 2022


    There is no other Australian district with just these geographic features and they create quite special flavours.

  • Fareham Estate Clare Valley Riesling 2022


    The Clare makes excellent reds which are full bodied, and it is hard to comprehend how this same region can also produce Rieslings of such sublime delicacy.

  • Terrene Estates South Australia Rosé 2022


    As I preach it is what is in the glass that counts and the 2022 vintage is a fabulous buy. This vintage is labelled as Terrene a medieval English term which is a bit like the French term terroir. As for the wine, well it tastes good and is a result of blending several regions so we decided to call it South Australia.

  • Mount Eagle Eden Valley Pinot Gris 2022


    Pinot Gris is like an albino version of Pinot Noir with an appealing aroma, delicate palate and good length. It needs no barrel fermentation or barrel ageing or all the other wonderful winemaking tricks and seems best when treated just like a Riesling. Take the free run juice, ferment and bottle and when this is done correctly you will have in your hand a most appealing drink.

  • Fareham Estate Clare Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2021


    Late last year we purchased a collection of Shiraz and Cabernet of exquisite quality from a ‘five star’ winery, this rating being awarded by a noted wine writer. I can say no more as part of any purchase means we are forbidden to use the maker’s name.

  • Mount Eagle Eden Valley Riesling 2022


    ‘You Australians don’t get Riesling’ I was once told by a New Zealand expert. The discussion was over a glass of Grosset Clare Valley Riesling and my response was to nod wisely and keep drinking. Naturally the Clare taste is different to the fragrant aromas and softness of those from New Zealand.

  • Glug ‘Primis’ Barossa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2022


    It is the Glug view that the delights of warm climate Cabernet have not been recognised an we continue our mission to alter this perception. The Glug Primis is a ‘once off’ bottling of wine purchased from a local boutique. It offers Glug customer excellent value. Big red at 14.9% alcohol.

  • Salem Valley Barossa Shiraz 2022


    Huge in flavour, very much our style, and supports our view that drinkers will find great enjoyment in discovering younger is better. Though being Barossa it will not fall apart for at least 20 years.

  • Old Moppa Road Barossa Valley Rose 2022


    So what happens if we gently press Grenache and Mataro and bleed off the free run juice with minimal colour, to make our Rose. Pale tint of red going tawny at the edge of the glass, and we get to see what the grape flavours are without tannins and oak maturation.

  • Limited Release Batch 32C Clare Valley Shiraz 2022


    Glug moves to where the bargains can be discovered and you will quickly appreciate our enthusiasm for this Clare Valley Shiraz. And note we are believers that younger, and fresher is better.

  • Waitohi Springs Marlborough New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc 2022


    We were in two minds about this Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc. The wine passes our taste tests yet was already in bottle. The wine is true to style and because the flavours of Marlborough and New Zealand have such distinctive characters we badly needed an example for our customers since it is the biggest selling wine style in Australia. We did our best. You will love the wine but value wise it just sneaks in.

  • Borderland Estates ‘Tumbleweed’ South Australia Shiraz Viognier 2022


    This 2022 blend came from a winery in the Southern Barossa Valley.

  • Parawatta Eden Valley Riesling 2022


    If Riesling has its type location in Germany and Austria we next have to ask why Riesling can make such a superlative wine in faraway Australia. Let us just enjoy that these wonderful tastes exist and thank the versatility of Riesling.

  • Glug Vine to Glass Eden Valley Shiraz 2022


    I have a simple view. Good wine will sell and since the Eden Valley lacks appeal that’s where the bargains will be found. Over the last three years Glug has made connections with several boutique Eden Valley wineries and now take any surplus they offer. This Glug Vine to Glass is a ‘one off’ being sourced from one of our connections. Customers will be rewarded.

  • Kitts Creek Barossa Valley Rosé 2022


    Bringing back those glorious Kaiser Stuhl Barossa Roses of the 1960s.

  • Cellar Range Clare Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2022


    Back in October we were given our choice of barrels of Clare Valley reds from a five-star rated winery. While they retained the very best to be able to select what we wanted from the rest we knew was a rare honour.

  • Crayford Barossa Valley Shiraz Durif 2022


    What varieties can be used to make wines that create a taste that carries the global badge ‘made in Australia’. Shiraz for sure as it takes on another dimension in our warm regions. Of the many hundreds of other varieties it is work in motion though a Glug favourite for stardom is Durif.

  • Glug ‘Alpha’ Barossa Valley Shiraz 2022


    An excess of premium wine is building quickly. Even the Barossa Valley will not be spared as production is up 50% in the last 10 years and prices of the fashionable boutiques has doubled, perhaps more. This Glug Alpha is another purchase from a local boutique.

  • Glug ‘Nouveau Rouge’ McLaren Vale Gamay 2022


    This Gamay is a first for Glug and if your mind wanders to far off travels then this is ideal.

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