Karrawirra, in the Southern Barossa Valley near Lyndoch, is celebrated as a brand built around shiraz, the famous variety of the valley.

In 1847, twenty families from Posen, Prussia settled in is a most unusual small valley on the bed of a dry lake that has almost a spiritual quality. They named their village Hoffnungsthal, or Valley of Hope. They were warned by a local aboriginal group who occasionally camped there that it was prone to flooding and in 1854 the village was indeed flooded forcing them to set up a new camp at Lyndoch.

The Nomenclature Act of 1917 changed this name to Karrawirra which is derived from the aboriginal dialect that refers to ‘stands of red gums’ as karra wirra. Magnificent red gums, many centuries old, are plentiful in this valley, giving it a
unique character.

A centuries old red gum
A centuries old red gum stands as a guardian of the Barossa Valley.

The Kies family who have vineyards at Karrawirra released a Karrawirra labelled wine in 1969. They later ceased using the brand. The current Karrawirra label faithfully follows the early designs.

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