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Placing Spain on the Table

Trennert McLaren Vale Tempranillo 2021

SKU: R907

Once we referred to a hierarchy of the greatest varieties, these being Riesling, Chardonnay, Cabernet and Pinot Noir. This no longer holds, and all the smart drinkers wants to collect are well made wines.

Australia in 1970 did not have Chardonnay, little Cabernet and no Pinot Noir. Steadily the vineyard mix altered to match partly what customers wanted though in the earlier days production was also about placing on shelves varieties they did not realise they would enjoy.

Numerous other varieties have been added to the vineyard collection though with subtle differences in tastes they have not filled nor found an eager customer need. Instead they are slowly filtering into the minds of that dedicated group of customers that are keen to explore all that wine offers.

Tempranillo brings a piece of Spain into the house and being a warm climate variety is well suited to McLaren Vale. When offered this wine from a small maker Glug were keen buyers.

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