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  • Fareham Estate Clare Valley Riesling 2022


    The Clare makes excellent reds which are full bodied, and it is hard to comprehend how this same region can also produce Rieslings of such sublime delicacy.

  • Mount Eagle Eden Valley Riesling 2022


    ‘You Australians don’t get Riesling’ I was once told by a New Zealand expert. The discussion was over a glass of Grosset Clare Valley Riesling and my response was to nod wisely and keep drinking. Naturally the Clare taste is different to the fragrant aromas and softness of those from New Zealand.

  • Parawatta Eden Valley Riesling 2022


    If Riesling has its type location in Germany and Austria we next have to ask why Riesling can make such a superlative wine in faraway Australia. Let us just enjoy that these wonderful tastes exist and thank the versatility of Riesling.

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