Albion Hills

The Albion Hills rise to the west of the township of Strathalbyn and overlook the fertile flood plains of Langhorne Creek formed by the Angas and Bremer Rivers which flow eastward into Lake Alexandrina. The cycle of flooding renews the soil with fresh silt and maintains the health of the plain.

The climate and weather of Langhorne Creek is influenced by two factors which in turn control the wine flavours. The low lying plain adjoins Lake Alexandrina which allows cooling breezes to flow in from the southern ocean; yet it is far enough inland for the continental heat to accumulate during the day. In this respect the region is not unlike the Barossa Valley.

My first visit to Langhorne Creek in the 1980s left me disappointed. The flat lying vineyards next to Lake Alexandrina, with talk of flood irrigation and soil renewal from the Bremer River, did not fit my misguided thoughts of what a wine region should look like. The wines also did not excite me.

I was of course seeing this region through the eyes of a wine merchant who had been too often to Europe. I have since grown up, worked out the forces which create wine flavours, and now see Langhorne Creek as one of the great warm climate regions of Australia. The best wines are profound. At last we are again sourcing from this region.

Our Albion Hills wines are bold, big and rich yet have a softness which is instantly captivating, making it very easy to recommend them.

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